Hair Graft Body Hair Can it be Transplanted to the Head?

Capillary Body Hair Graft. If you have investigated a little about alopecia or baldness, you have surely had the doubt if you can Transplant Hair on the Head ?. Well, in this article we will help you to know more about this.

Body hair transplantation or Body Hair Transplant leading the way is a reality today. The rapid progression of technical skills using FUE The idea of ​​body hair transplantation outside the donor area on the head has given rise to the world around the world. Especially for people with unsuitable hair in the donor area, body hair transplantation is a hopeful alternative. The beard and chest hair are the most preferred parts for this type of hair transplant.

So, can you transplant body hair to your head?

The answer is yes.

However, it does not mean that it will be perfect. The results of a head body hair transplant may not be the same; in fact, it is not possible to achieve a full body hair transplant with body hair alone, as sufficient density and quality cannot be obtained this way.

Video What is the Body Hair Transplant or BHT Technique?

We leave you the video in case you want a quick summary to know more about the BHT.

Is it possible to transplant from any part of the body?

Yes. It is possible to obtain hair to transplant from any part of the body.

Where can I get body hair for a Body Hair Transplant (BHT)?

It can be hair on arms, legs, chest and even pubic hair.

When is body hair used instead of hair for a hair transplant?

Body hair is generally used in patients with an inadequate occipital donor area due to multiple previous procedures.

Capillary Body Hair Graft to the head with the FUE technique

The technique used for a transplant to the head with body hair is also the FUE method, which has made Mexico famous for having the best professionals in this procedure. However, the cost of a body hair graft to the head varies greatly, and depends on several factors. We must also take into account some considerations.

Body hair has different survival cycles, thickness, curl, color, thinning, etc. Body hair is generally removed in less time than hair on the head, too. In terms of thickness and survival cycle, the beard is the most similar to the hair on the scalp. When body hair is planted on the scalp, it retains its characteristic features, survival time and structural properties, so it does not come out like the original hair. Also, the chance of survival is less than the hair follicles on the head.

Is it suitable for extreme cases?

In the cases of Norwood 5-7, where the bald area is excessive, the number of hair follicles on the nape may not be enough to cover the entire bald area. In these cases, the patient's own hair follicles are first planted to ensure a natural-looking front hairline, and then the chest and beard hairs are planted to cover the empty areas and provide density, usually to cover the part. back of the head.

The hair follicles removed from the beard do not leave any scars, but there is a slight possibility of scarring when removed from the chest area. It is not recommended to use hair from other parts of the body such as arm, leg, shoulder, armpit, genital, etc. for hair transplantation, since the hair follicles extracted from these areas leave a scar in the extraction area. In addition, the hair follicles in these areas grow in a very restricted way and do not meet the hair follicles on the head.

Beard hair transplantation.


Between 1.000 and 3.000 grafts can be obtained from this area in a single session, without leaving any scar.
The recovery period after extraction is 3 to 7 days. As the hair does not come out again in the extracted area, a thinning of the beard can be observed.
As the weight loss after extraction is only 30%, it does not cause any bad appearance.
Beard grafts are thicker than hair grafts, but each graft contains only one hair follicle.
Despite having only one hair follicle, beard transplants cover more area due to their thickness.
As the beard follicles have a different structure, they are not used on the front hair lines. However, they do very well in the middle and upper regions of the head.

Breast hair transplant


From this area, 300 to 1.000 grafts can be extracted.
Grafts taken from the chest area are thinner than those from the beard and scalp. They are usually combined with head or beard hair, or can be planted to fill in between existing hairs.
Unlike the hairs on the head, the follicles on the thorax may be curled to the other side in a slightly curly fashion under the skin; therefore, they must be taken with great care, and extracted without damaging the follicle. This can lead to fewer - or even no grafts - being removed.

What results can I expect?

As we have explained previously, a body hair transplant to the head should always be considered as an alternative in case not enough hairs in the donor area of ​​the scalp; but not as the only source for a transplant since the hair follicles of the body have very different properties than those of the head. Anyway, an expert doctor He will always recommend the best way to restore the hair on the head with the most natural appearance.


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