Hair Graft in Entrances: When the work depends on your image

What do you do when the job depends on your image and you only need a hair graft at the entrances for a little push? Discover it here

They say that appearance is not everything in life, that what really matters is the interior. But what happens when your appearance is everything to professional development?

They also say out there that surviving in this jungle that we call society requires a lot of skill, cunning and above all good physique for the doors to open wherever you go.

Unfortunately, the first impression that people take of you will always depend on the way you look physically. No matter what the scholars deny, the reality is like that and this is the case of Jean, a guy dedicated to the entertainment industry.

"I am dedicated to the subject of image, acting, entertainment and everything related to it." Image in this industry is of vital importance. And for him, the hair is a more than important element in complementing the aesthetics of a person, which is why I seek to perform a Hair Graft in Entrances.

The transmission of messages is just one of the objectives of this profession. Through the whole body, expressions and movements, it influences so that the message and the person in question is accepted by the public; and hair as such represents an important aesthetic element.

Uncertainty about hair loss

“Fortunately for me, hair loss is not such a serious problem as to be considered severe alopecia. But the low density of my hair in the area of ​​the entrances is noticeable ”, he explained.

Jean's family history indicates that he has a heredity of alopecia and it was the timely recommendations of specialists and people close to him that made him decide to go to an expert on time. This before the problem got bigger over time.

Living confident that possibly what will happen to him to his relatives, but at the same time having the uncertainty that it is a situation that can worsen over the years and become more complex in his treatmentIt is something that you did not want to experiment with. So he decided to anticipate what might be imminent, to live with alopecia.

“I have an acquaintance who is a doctor, he recommended Dr. Enrique Orozco to me and gave me very good references about his work. That is how I decided to take the step and get to the clinic, I explained my problem to him and he gave me a great solution, the entrance hair graft ”.

Trust and closeness

And so, away from any indication of doubt, Jean decided to venture to renew his image and give himself an opportunity to improve not only his appearance, but his spirit and the desire to find new doors that open his future.

To achieve this goal, he required the full support of specialists. Dr. Enrique Orozco was the one who was in charge of guiding him and solving every doubt that arose at this beginning of the process of his treatment for the hair graft in entries.

"During the consultation he asked me various solutions, all the doubts that I had or that arose at the time were always clarified, and above all he explained to me step by step technique with which I would do the hair graft, which I thought was fantastic and very novel ”.

An important part for Jean when undergoing such treatments is the specialist professionalismBecause mastering the subject means the preparation and experience of the person who would perform the treatment, and it was undoubtedly something that he found without problem in Dr. Orozco and all the staff who were part of this experience.

"The professionalism of the staff and the fact that Dr. Enrique Orozco has a good command of the subject, gave me the confidence and security that I went to the right place to ask the procedure I needed".

A new and better future

It seems insignificant, but a detail, a show of affection and importance towards someone, completely changes the mood and perception of a person towards another person or institution.

The warm and attentive treatment made a difference in Jean compared to other places he had reference, and that made him feel part of a family that supported him at all times.

"I consider that it is very worthwhile to go through each phase of the intervention, for many it can be tired and somewhat annoying, but the results that this small sacrifice leaves in the end are worth everything."

The day of the surgery passed without major problems, the intervention was quick and relatively simple, and for the boy from the entertainment world, fully living each stage of this renewal process is part of his personal and professional path towards a promising future.

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