Before and After Hair Grafting: The youth that DrEO gave me back

Before and after hair transplant. Do you want to recover the younger version of yourself? Discover how to do it with a hair transplant

La hair loss It is a problem that most of the time occurs at an early age and therefore is allowed to pass until the appearance of our hair and our physique begins to deteriorate. If you are that person, we tell you not to feel bad, because everything has a solution. This is what happened to Alan Cruz.

The beggining

As a teenager, Alan was a very sociable person in and out of school. For him there were no great concerns that could not be solved; his family and friends were all he could have to make him happy and supported in every step he decided to take.

Physical appearance is often the focus of attention for many young people of that age. In Alan's case, his physique was not something that had to be in a certain way to be accepted, since the people he was with made him feel comfortable with who he was.

However, the hormone pump that normally hits teenagers, Alan knew how to control those changes that happened in his body, because during classes teachers and books had notified him that all this would happen, but that it would be normal .

Like many young people who go through these changes, most do not know how to respond to them. In this case, Alan was taken by surprise by the sudden anger he felt with his parents, the desire to just flirt with the students in the next room , as well as acne that came out on his face and hair loss.

All those changes began to have, but all of them could be solved with an apology; with a tug of ears from the teacher to get into his living room or with a home remedy that the mother had learned in her time to remove those annoying pimples. Everything had a solution except hair loss, but it was part of the change, wasn't it?

Life after adolescence

The years passed and Alan continued to have hair loss. The remedies that he began to use during his adolescence seemed to have results, but this result did not last more than a few months; then his hair would fall out again.

"I was trying all kinds of things until I even gave up many times, classic case that you shave and walk like this for a long time, even years, but you do not resign."

For 16 years, she hoped to repair her hair loss with treatments and even shave off what she had to match her appearance. “However, there came a time when I resigned myself and wore a cap all the time, even if I wore a suit, because I felt bad and this condition does not give you confidence.”

The relationship that Alan had with other people was not the same, since having the problem he had, the mood to get along as he did in his adolescence was not the same, since it affected him that his friends made fun of him. Which, instead of helping, made the situation he was in worse.

Actually, Alan's life was not the same after the more aggressive hair loss began. Hopes to get his hair back became slim and even seemed impossible.

A solution not previously thought

They say that the best advice is given by people who really care about us. In this case, one of Alan's friends was the one who proposed that he have a hair transplant; to his surprise, hopes began to rise again to stay.

Now he had to take the step to find the ideal place to be able to treat his alopecia. For days he browsed the web to find out which place was the right one; However, for Alan it was not easy, since the prices of most of the places he went to were commercial clinics that were extremely expensive.

As it had to be, Alan's spirits fell for every clinic he visited and he was not convinced, but he knew there was more and he was not going to give up easily. He did not want to let another 16 years pass to feel defeated and unchanged; She did not want to see how her life passed while he was in that mood, since he wanted to feel like before again.

All of this helped keep his spirits from dropping and he could move on because he knew there was a place that could make him recover all those years in which he felt dull and without confidence. Then, the expected happened: "That is how I found the DrEO clinic online and made an appointment. "

The DrEO experience: Before and After Hair Graft

When Alan showed up at the clinic, he had a certain mistrust about him that was the product of all his past experiences at other clinics. However, when he stepped on the place where he would be treated, he felt that everything began to flow for good.

“I came to the office and realized it was an incredible thing. Everything was absolutely neat, the staff they have; more than a workforce, it is practically a family, it is a team that works hard. ”

From the way everything was clean to the treatment he had was what made him feel that he had come to the right place. Although he still had to know the doctor who would take care of him.

After meeting his doctor, he understood that he was at the right time to make the change he wanted and to make it at the DrEO clinic. The treatment he received from the doctor was kind and, above all, honest. The information she had about her problem helped her understand the reason for her hair loss and why those remedies didn't work.

“Any type of mistrust you may have disappears, since I think that most people who go through this process are initially suspicious of what can happen, but DrEO specialists tell you clearly and the results you are going to achieve. get from the beginning. ”

There he understood that if it was not that time to accept a hair graft, then it never would be. So he agreed on the date and the price with the doctor to change his life.

The day of the procedure: Before and After Hair Graft

After leaving his decision more confident, it was when he began preparing for the surgery that was about to be performed. Alan returned home more hopeful and eager to see the results.

El day of the procedure it arrived and the nerves did not hesitate to appear. As would happen to all of us in any surgical procedure, we would feel anxious for everything to pass quickly and without pain.

In Alan's case, the nerves disappeared and tranquility was present in his body. In this way, his eyes managed to relax with his mind and did not see the light again until the procedure was over.

Before retiring home, Alan thanked the doctor with a handshake and a smile accompanied by sleepy eyes.

A lasting result

Without pain and with a bit of itching in the areas that were worked it was how he spent his first week after surgery. The happiness and curiosity to look in the mirror did not disappear.

The attention I received from the doctor in the following weeks were of great help to remove any doubts that arose at the time and to know that everything was going well.

A year later, with happiness radiating from his eyes, Alan explains how satisfied and confident he is with the result of his new hair: “As of today, almost a year and two months have passed since the procedure and I have the results I expected and beyond them, I have really been able to see that the hair that was transplanted to me is hair which is very strong. "

The fears disappeared and the trust that he used to have with his friends was strengthened more.

"This is a medical place with a good scientific support and specialized in hair, I highly recommend that you take courage and are willing to recover perhaps part of that youth that you thought was lost or part of that motivation of life (...) I am personally very happy with the decision I made, I don't regret it at all. ”

Did you feel identified? Well, now you can see that that famous saying is absolutely right: "nothing ventured nothing gained". In this case, who you depend on for a solution is yours. Take the advice Alan is giving you to change your life.

Cheer up!

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