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The distance was not an obstacle to regain my security

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What happens when you feel like making a dream come true, but your only and biggest obstacle is distance? You get over it! If it is necessary to go to the end of the world to make it happen, then I am going.

Hello, I am Luis Enrique Jiménez Briseño, I am from Costa Rica and despite the fact that there are almost three thousand kilometers from my country to Mexico, it was not an impediment to perform a hair transplant with the FUE technique at the DrEO clinic.

My intervention was at the end of May 2017; that is, I already have a little more than a year with the treatment, and I cannot be happier with how much it has been worth every penny invested and every kilometer traveled.

I am a doctor by profession and therefore had high expectations of what the procedure and treatment should be like, as a patient now, I should have. He knew what he wanted and also knew a little of the details.

My hair loss implied dissatisfaction in my image, I knew that I had to do something about it because I was not comfortable, so I began to look for the best options, not only in my country but anywhere in the world.

A globetrotter in search of a dream: Hair Graft Testimonial

In this quest to improve my appearance and feel satisfied with my own image, I came to the United States in search of a definitive solutionThe truth is that traveling has never been difficult for me and if I find the solution to my problem on the other side of the world, I don't care what I have to go through.

For this reason, I had previously had another hair transplant three years ago in the United States and was initially happy with that first transplant, but I have to admit that there were some areas that were not completely covered.

Not being completely satisfied with the results I obtained in that first intervention, I decided to make new inquiries and contact some centers, I did not care if it was in America, Europe, Asia or in my own country and it was the DrEO clinic in Mexico the one that answered me the fastest.

Renewing my image, reestablishing my security, confidence and identity are just some of the things that I wanted to recover once I had new hair. Regardless of how you conceive yourself, for me The hair It represents a part of my personality and I couldn't make up my mind to lose it completely.

Unlimited care

At first, with the first transplant in the United States, it went well for me; However, I was still 50 or 60 percent comfortable and I knew I was missing something, so I decided to give myself another chance in Mexico City.

From the beginning the contact I had with the DrEO clinic staff was very fluid through WhatsApp, email, all the doubts were clarified, so I decided to travel to Mexico and have a transplant. The attention was always very good and all the staff very professional.

Once in Mexico, the day of the procedure arrived, and as usual the care at the clinic was first class. They were very clear when explaining to me every step of the surgery, and even making the comparison of the first intervention that I had in the United States, there were details that the doctor brought to light, to explain to me that this time it would be a little different in order to have the best results.

In the end, that explanation was completely worth it, because they helped me a lot for the aftercare and that my results were exactly what I expected, considering the failures and deficiencies of the first intervention.

I then returned to Costa Rica after spending a few days in Mexico City, and the contact with the staff was maintained without interruptions for the follow-up process and the evolution of the procedure. Everything went perfectly fine.

And the results?

The final results were better than I expected and I have had the opportunity to recommend several people who have asked me. Honestly I have been very happy with my new look and it shows me that it was worth the whole journey.

I fully believe that when you are passionate about what you do, you have no limitations to give your full potential, and this is what DrEO clinic does, they give more than one hundred percent not only to leave the client satisfied, but because they are identified and committed to improve the quality of life of patients who come into their hands.

For this reason, I highly recommend the clinic because not only am I very happy with the results, but I have found in them a family that unconditionally supports and supports each person who comes with them. My experience has been one hundred percent positive.

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