The Best Trends in Haircuts for Men

Sure you want to know the best trends in haircuts 2020 for men, well we recommend you continue reading to know the fashion in which will surely be your next favorite cut.

Doing a makeover does not have to cost more than inviting a round of chelas. Yes, you could spend the equivalent of a small car in a new closet, but 45 minutes in the barber's chair can have the same effect if you are brave enough to say something other than "business as usual." Plus, if it's the type of barbershop we like - plush seating, warm towels and craft beer, or a good "Don Julio" tequila - it'll be so much nicer than partying at a club on Friday.

So what are we going to do for you today?

If the tendencies hair styles of 2020 are something you want to take into account (more speaking of modern haircuts for men), you can make one of these two decisions: messy or military. While some cuts favor texture and long, grunge-style hair, others rely on defining the sides and back with very short hair, or highly stylized buzz cuts.

This is how we bring you from the "Fashion Weeks" to your "Laboral Normal Week", a preview of the best mens haircuts of the year.

Crop with texture

From the bad bowl cuts or "potty" of the nineties, the cut in vogue by He-man (Someone Millennials only know by memes) and the emotional scars that acne gave us in the nineties, sensible men have Instinctively fled from fringed haircuts. In most cases this has been a wise risk aversion. But, this year's big visitor to our masculine home is "the bangs" - the textured cut - it's neither terrifying nor antisocial, just flattering for most guys.

The style, in a nutshell, is a remix of the trimmed sides and nape where the length at the top works with gravity rather than against it. Messy cut works with your own natural growth patterns. The result will be better on those with thick hair that have a natural texture. You should ask your barber to cut you high and tight. But ask that the top be left long enough; it must be cut to obtain a square and accentuated texture.

"It's not short, it's not long, it's just ... perfect and messy"

The style comes from the hairdressing school "I just woke up where the hell is my coffee", so if you have several thousand hairs out of place that can be a good thing. Maintaining this style involves minimal problems. Placing a little wax on your hands and applying it evenly to your hair can create a softer and messy look. It doesn't really require much care and even being a mess of order you can easily keep it cool. To create a hairstyle with a more defined and smoother finish using a water-based "wax".

Images of Textured Crop Haircuts for Men

The Undercut Quiff

The Quiff is the default hairstyle for teens armed with too many hormones and too many hair products on offer. However, this year's version is not that difficult to test. The hairstyle that enters the arena of adult hairstyles through a contrasting haircut and a finish that rewards matte texture over the stiffness of skyscrapers.

Before thinking about which industrial strength hair product can hold your hair in place, let's think about the cut; this will make maintaining this style much easier. We should ask the hairdresser to shave the sides of the top at the machine zero, creating a strong contrast in length. Then you will need a cut through the neck and sides leaving the length at the top and your bangs will leave room to create texture and volume in the front.

"Fusion of two worlds, a classic with a modern rebel"

Those who are familiar with keeping a quiff in place will know that technique (and a steady hand) is everything. To start, you will have to towel dry your hair until it is slightly damp, then apply a pre-styling agent (for example a mousse). The ideal would be to apply a little sea salt spray to the hair down to the roots and then blow-dry it to shape, using a round brush to create texture and volume. Next, we apply a dime-sized amount of wax to the hair and create the texture with our fingers. To complete the look, we should preferably use a powder to give volume to help group the hair ».

Pictures of Undercut Quiff Haircuts for Men

The High and Tight Faded ("Taper Hight and Tigh")

Don't you like long hairstyles? Would you like not to strain yourself when combing your hair? Don't you want to look like an egg with human features?

This year the faded one takes his art from loud, tight sounds like the reggaeton you love so much. This short, low-maintenance effort style borrows the 'Buzz' cut attitude. This style leaves you with something to play with on top.

The "high and tight" is a classic that has no time and has its own style, but in the wrong head, it may be too much to be a military man from the border with Guatemala. For a sleeker version of the nape and sides, ask for a tall, snug fade with number 1 and 2 shaves with a compact cut at the top. The final cut should echo tradition, but a sharp cut and a textured length on top that will direct you to modernity; Think about looking like Ryan Reynolds. Amazing isn't it?

"Modern and adventurous, with a slight touch of the military"

Most of the art in this style will be down to your barber, so once you've survived the awkward chair talk, the hard part is over (though you'll have to return regularly). When you want to comb it, apply a little wax on the hair towel drying, doing the hair from back to front you distribute the product to create weight and texture with a very natural but smart look.

Images of Haircuts for Men Type «Taper Hight and Tight»

The famous tousled Bob for men

Since time immemorial, long, messy hair has been the preserve of rebels and some metalheads. It has been considered as a hairstyle that only has a man when money does not exist at home. However, with a little love and elegant scissor work, long locks don't have to smear you like an enemy of soap. The slightly messy mid-shoulder hair we see has a lot of potential to reach the sacred midway point between straining and not straining. Find people like Timothée Chalamet and Kit Harrington as your guardians to defend tousled Bob for men.

Avoid anything too soft and delicate; That will take you to the territory of the ABBA gang tribute. This style can work on those with any thickness or texture, the key to getting it right is making sure you ask your barber for layers that complement the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. Bulky hair masses should be cut; on the outer layers of the hair to create flow or fall within the hair, ensuring that weight and balance are evenly distributed.

«A bold and rebellious style, with an elegant touch»

Please, this cut does not require the patience of a saint for his style, it can be left to his own luck. Let the style dry naturally. You must use the product depending on the finish you are looking for; use a little spray salt for a dirty matte effect or soft wax to promote texture and curl.

Images of Tousled Long Haircuts for Men Type "Bob"

The cut "Buzz"

Traditionally, the cut "Buzz" (which doesn't refer to Buzz Lightyear) has been a form of rebellion against "the man" or a way to become one more number. Depending on your point of view, your individuality or your conformity to society will end up on the ground. It's not that it can't show your good looks, but that's the thing you need to have the features to use it.

The sad fact of life is that we are not all blessed with pleasantly proportioned heads. "Before you give your hair a 'Buzz' cut: sit back and watch your head for any lumps or bumps as these will be visible. I suggest you look in the mirror and imagine what a "Buzz" cut would look like and ask yourself if this is right for you.

«The classic ... that evolves»

Once you have everything clear and clear on your mind it's time to get everything clear up (in the hair), it shouldn't be a self-shaving job with the hair machine. The haircut may be uniform in length, but may have slight variations which may be the difference between Maluma and Gollum. You will also need a barber to define the edges. And as you get older, don't think you won't need a little product. For a shiny, polished look, a product like wax will do the trick.

Images of Short Haircuts for Men Type «Buzz»

Now that if you do not have hair and you want to comb your hair in this way, come with us to perform a hair graft. We will gladly help you fulfill your dream and you can get these men's haircuts.