It is important that you know the success rates of the place where you will make the dream of recovering your hair come true, since it gives you the security and confidence of the results and the tranquility of knowing that you are in good hands, will make the procedure more satisfactory.

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All those who contemplate hair transplantation have the same dream: to get the hair and beard they have always wanted. However, choosing the right clinic for this procedure is not an easy task.

For this reason we want to help you make an informed decision, sharing that we have the best medical and technological equipment for this procedure and better yet, we have the only specialist in Mexico certified by the international and prestigious American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS for its acronym). in English)


An investment that will change your life

Due to the great boom of Hair Transplantation around the world, you can find different countries where to perform the procedure, remember that you not only put your investment at risk, but also your hair.

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At DrEO Clinic, in addition to offering you the most accessible prices, you will also have the confidence and peace of mind of leaving your hair in the hands of the best specialists worldwide.


The million dollar question

One of the most common questions among patients is the number of follicles they need, there are various elements to take into account, the most important to consider are: the patient's expectation, the required density and the receiving area.

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Ideally, always go to a Medical Specialist to evaluate each case in a personalized way.

What is my probability of success?

Our success rate is based on the hair recovered after one year of the hair graft procedure, since it involves the reactivation of the follicle in the new implant area and therefore the new beginning of the hair growth cycle.

Currently, there is no mechanism to guarantee the authenticity of the success rates of a hair graft clinic. However, at DrEO Clinic our professionalism and honesty are part of the fundamental values ​​of this family that will always look for the right way to realize your dream.

Despite this, it is important that you consider that when choosing a hair transplant clinic, the trust it generates in you is very important as well as the recommendations of other doctors and patients. So now you know, the ultimate solution to alopecia is hair transplantation. Many places promise to give impressive results, but at DrEO Clinic we assure you that you are in true expert and certified hands. Our commitment is to transform your life.

Don't lose any more hair or money!
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The only permanent solution

There are different medical treatments to combat baldness or alopecia, which will only help you while you continue the treatment, since their function is to give volume and delay the process of falling, but not to give a permanent solution.

hair transplant success rates

The Hair Transplant is the only solution that offers you a definitive and lifelong result.


Matter of patience

It should be remembered that each person is different, so the time to see the final result will be different for each person, since factors such as genetics, age, sex, diet, habits and lifestyle influence.

How long does it take to see results from a hair transplant?

To obtain the best possible result, the indications of the Medical Specialist regarding post-procedure care and treatment must be followed to the letter.


The definitive option

Before undergoing a Hair Transplant, many people opt for a Hair Prosthesis better known as "Peluquín" since in the short term it generates a lower cost, but in the long run it will be a greater cost because it has a life time of 6 months to 1 year, differently

hair transplant vs hair prosthesis

With the Hair Transplant you will always get the most natural and definitive result since it will always be your own hair.