Should You Shave for Hair Transplantation?

If you have done a little research about alopecia or baldness, you have surely had the question whether Should Hair Shave, Shave or Trim Hair Transplant ?. Well, in this article we will help you to know more about this.

It is normally mandatory to shave a patient's head prior to an FUE procedure, although long hair techniques exist. Both types of hair transplantation (FUE or FUT / strip) can be done with minimal or no shaving.

Video Can it be done without Shaving or Trimming the Hair in the Hair Graft?

We leave you the video in case you want a quick summary to find out if you need to cut your hair in order to get a graft.

On what does it depend that you have to cut your hair for the transplant?

Depending on the technique used for the extraction of the follicles, it is possible to perform the hair implant without the need to shave the donor area and the recipient area.

Is it necessary to shave or shave the hair with the Strip Technique?

When using the strip technique, it is not necessary to cut hair in the area. In the strip method, shaving can be limited to the area of ​​the strip to be removed so that the patient will have long hair on both sides of the wound to be covered.

Is shaving required for hair transplantation with the FUE Technique?

The FUE extraction technique does require cutting the hair as short as possible.

With the FUE method, donor shaving can be done in layers, meaning that longer neighboring hair can easily cover the shaved area. Layered shaving in the FUE transplant can only eliminate the appearance of a shaved head if the hair is left longer on the back and sides. We recommend a full shave whenever possible, as it allows the donor area to expand to the entire permanent area. This increases the uniformity of the hair in the donor area and avoids the minimum contrast between the extracted areas and the neighboring areas with higher density.

Shaving the donor area in layers allows us to harvest up to 3000 grafts in one day. However, it may not be possible to harvest more than that amount. For larger sessions, we need to have access to the entire donor area, so layered shaving may not be possible.

What about the FUE-Long Hair Technique?

There is a variant of FUE in which the hair can be extracted without the need to cut it. However, special instruments are required to perform it. In addition to that it is not justified due to its high cost and that the implanted hair falls out during the months after the procedure to grow later.

Even so, at DrEO Clinic we offer what is also known as celebrity hair transplantation (FUE without shaving, shaving or shaving) so that the patient does not have to have any cut-off area in the donor or recipient area.

This procedure is more labor-intensive, so fewer grafts could be transplanted in each session and is more expensive for the same reason. Celebrity hair transplantation is popular with celebrities who do not want any evidence of a hair transplant (even in the first few days after the procedure). This hair restoration technique allows the surgical team to either extract the grafts with long hair or to cut only the hair that needs to be harvested so that there is no visible shaved area at the back of the head.


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