Alopecia Baldness Treatments Capillary Plasma or Plasma Rich in Platelets Hair (PRP)

Capillary Plasma or Plasma Rich in Platelets Hair (PRP)

El  platelet rich plasma or capillary plasma, also known like PRP It is a therapy used in many fields of medicine, as in sports medicine, orthopedics, dermatology and plastic surgery. He PRP Alopecia is one of the most widely used medical treatments for the treatment of hair loss. He Capillary Plasma it's a treatment safe, ideal for patients with mild or moderate baldness It can be used alone or in combination with other treatments for Hair loss; it is also recommended after a hair graft, as an aid to treatment.

Platelets, fall, hair ... How much to learn, so keep reading and you can answer all your questions.

What are platelets and where are they found?

The Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets They are the main cells present in the plasma that make up people's blood. The Red blood cells transport oxygen to the tissues and white blood cells protect us from disease. In addition to their role in blood clotting, platelets produce proteins (growth factors) that activate tissue healing and regeneration processes. 

What is platelet rich plasma?

El PRPit is a autologous product, in other words, coming from the patient himself. It is obtained by subjecting the patient's blood to a process of centrifugation. This allows the platelet rich plasma from the rest of the blood. A preparation of PRP contains a 300 to an 700% more platelets than usual. In just one micro-liter of plasma obtained in this way, there will be more than a million platelets. 

How is Capillary PRP therapy applied?

First be takes a blood sample from the patient. The blood it is placed in a special tube containing an anticoagulant. Yes, separate the fraction of plasma that is rich in platelets, the blood is centrifuged. Then special solutions are added so that platelets activate and release all growth factors that they bring inside. Finally, the liquid obtained is directly injected into the scalp, this is how the plasma application occurs.

How does Platelet Rich Plasma work for hair loss? 

Injected Platelet Rich Plasma directly on the scalp promotes the angiogenesis, that is, the creation of new blood vessels. So more blood, oxygen and nutrients reach the follicles. As well induces the follicles to enter the active growth phase (anagena) and makes it last longer. The result is an improvement in the appearance and thickness of the hair.

What does the PRP consist of?

The platelet-rich plasma treatment grows the hair that we found weak, will not generate new hair, but will improve its quality.

Capillary PRP is effective as long as it is used in the right patient and with a treatment strategy.

Hair Plasma Benefits

  • Improves the caliber of the capillary unit, that is, it thickens it
  • Helps make it stronger
  • Increases shine and silkiness
  • Generates a perception of greater abundance and volume

Is hair plasma treatment risky or does it have any adverse effects?

It is a simple procedure that does not require any previous preparation and the aftercare by the patient is minimal. 

Is Platelet Rich Plasma dangerous for hair treatment?

Because the PRP is obtained from the same patient, there is no risk of infection or contamination.

For how long should the treatment be used?

There are many different treatment schemes for hair plasma. To begin to notice and maintain the effect, it must be applied periodically.

How many sessions of platelet rich plasma are required?

The frequency and number of application sessions is determined by each patient. They are generally recommended every 3 to 4 weeks and for constant periods of 6 months.

Is it the same as stem cell therapy?

Some know the treatment of capillary plasma As a stem cell treatment, however, Platelet Rich Plasma is not the same as stem cell treatment. 

So now you know there is plasma for baldness, and if you want to see examples of hair prp before and after, as well as some experiences with platelet rich plasma, do not forget to follow all our networks.

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Dr. Enrique Orozco
Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.


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Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.




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