Should Medications Be Suspended Before Hair Implant?

If you have done a little research on hair transplant, you have surely had the question of whether Should Medications Be Suspended Before Hair Implant?. Well, in this article we will help you to know more about this.

Videos: Is there to stop taking medicine before transplant?

We leave you the video in case you want a quick summary to know what to do with your medications prior to your procedure.

What medications will they give me during surgery?

During surgery the doctor will administer local anesthesia and some sedative and anti-inflammatory medications.

Should I stop the medications for surgery?

We must assess exactly what medications you use and what you take them for.

If you take any medication, it is important to let your doctor know so that they can guide you on whether to discontinue the medications you are taking.


One week before the hair transplant procedure, stop taking the following medications as they can increase bleeding during the procedure.

You can resume them 2 days after the procedure.

  • Aspirin (except Protect)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Vitamins B or E
  • Anticoagulants (Consult if necessary with your doctor)
  • Ibuprofen
  • Herbal medicines

General recommendations of what you should or should NOT do:


  • Wash your hair well the night and morning of surgery. Consult your doctor about any special shampoos you need to use.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, but nothing that you have to wear over your head after surgery (preferably buttons).
  • Arrange for proper transportation to and from the surgical center.
  • If you are diabetic, talk to your surgeon about how to manage your diet and insulin management on the day of surgery.


  • Do not take aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medication for the seven days before your procedure.
    Do not drink alcohol or take multivitamins, B vitamins, or vitamin E supplements for seven days before surgery.
  • Do not smoke 15 days before surgery, and especially NEVER on the day of your surgery, because it reduces blood flow to the scalp.
  • Do not take medication the day before surgery without asking your surgeon if it is okay.
  • Don't drink coffee the day of your surgery.

Now you know if Should Medications Be Suspended Before Hair Implant?.


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