Hair Transplantation in Young People

Just know that you are in the right place

Hair transplantation in young people? It's possible?

For many it may seem insignificant, but something as simple as hair generates as many insecurities as satisfactions. And this is why from the moment I saw that I lost it. My life brought up several insecurities that I had saved.

Hello, my name is Ricardo Padilla and I had a hair transplant with the FUE technique on July 8, 2017. And the truth is that I am quite satisfied with the results.

Before getting to have the security that I now have and have the results so satisfactory that all my acquaintances see. I did not have a completely satisfied life and I think that the hair loss was only the pretext for many internal conflicts to manifest.

This is the beginning of my story, which tries more than anything to value what you have while you still have it, because in the case of hair loss, one can discover that it is a valuable part of your life when you see that you are losing it. .

The start of a new process

As I mentioned before, losing The hair It was just the beginning of a chain of insecurities that I had hidden and that I discovered as I saw that I fell more and more.

Friends and family recommended different remedies at the time, I also tried several of them, from shampoos to more elaborate home recipes. But the problem did not end, I wore a cap all the time to disguise what was happening to me, I really did not want to resign myself to being completely bald.

Until another recommendation came to me, it was the one I considered final. It was about hair transplant and I knew that it was truly the solution to my problem, but besides thinking that it could be an unattainable procedure for me due to its high cost, I did not have the confidence to choose the right place.

This is how I started a new journey, which understood the search for the right place to fulfill myself hair surgery that would help me regain my lost confidence.

Will this be the right place?

For a person like me, who was already dealing with shyness and insecurityFinding the right place to have a procedure that could change my physique forever is a challenge, since that change can be positive and give you more confidence, or it can be negative and make the whole picture worse.

It is for this situation that I found several options to choose from and decided to go to as many as I could, with the aim of seeing the one that seemed best to me and knowing that I was choosing the right place.

Of all the options available to me, none could fully convince me. I think that to know that you are in the right place you should feel comfortable with the existence of that type of trust and complicity between both parties, since the process that you carry out in a certain way is very intimate and personal, so it should not be taken lightly.

So none of them convinced me, but it was in that search that I found the DrEO clinic And from my first impression, I knew that this would go in a good direction.

The first impression was quite good, the place is very clean and the treatment is quite friendly. I could really feel the difference between this place and the other clinics where I wasted some of my time, hoping to find something good fast.

Attention and respect: Hair Transplantation in Young People

After knowing all the information that the clinic offered me, they continued to surprise me by being so attentive and answering every one of my doubts and fears at the decision to undergo a procedure like this.

Without further ado, I knew I was in the right place. The next thing I did was take that important step: say yes to surgery and begin the process of restoring my hair and life. Despite having concerns about the procedure, he knew that what would come would be positive.

Before the procedure, the truth was that I felt very nervous, more than anything because of the anesthesia, I had doubts about whether it would look good, these were things that had me quite worried.

Despite these mental problems, the process was really positive for me. I didn't feel pain and it wasn't uncomfortable. Because I had all the confidence I needed and that all the staff took care of giving me. I can assure you that they are truly professionals.

After hair graft surgery The recovery process came and wait, I think it is the most difficult stage because it really is annoying.

Before the procedure, the doctor clarified that the time to see the changes is slow, and sometimes, when I forgot, I used to be scared and desperate to see that I still couldn't notice that I already had hair.

Proven feelings and thoughts

The recovery process was a stage where I really needed a lot of patience to get my anxiety to go away, it was also difficult because of all the amount of care I had to take, and obviously I despaired of seeing the results quickly.

In a way, I already wanted to experience the positive side and the benefits that the new hair would bring to my life; however, I still felt unsafe to go outside. It is obviously a natural part of the recovery process.

It was only after the first few months that I noticed more and more results. And what happened?. Well, I already wanted time to pass faster to fully see my hair.

El follow-up they gave me After the procedure it is inexplicable, they were there with me all the time attentive and vigilant.

They kept consulting me, and all the information I needed was always there for me, as well as the medications I needed or something else I needed. The clinic really cares about its patients.

Before, I already had an insecurity complex that was attenuated with the fall of my hair. He wore a cap all the time. I always thought I was getting bald; that it was going to be a source of ridicule from many people, among other complexes.

But now I have hair and I think of all the ways I can fix it. I'm feeling more secure. I managed to remove my anxiety. The complexes have already left and I have chosen the DrEO clinic as the one in charge of this change in my life; It has been the best I have taken, I am one hundred percent happy.

I can definitely assure you that little things make a big difference. And there is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you can be unstoppable when you have the desire and confidence to do what you set out to do.

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