Hair Graft Donor Area How does it look after?

If you have investigated a little about alopecia or baldness, surely you have had the doubt about the donor area in hair graft, how does it look afterwards? Well, in this article we will help you to know more about this.

The donor area is the region on the back and side of the head that is used to 'donate' hair to the recipient area in a hair transplant with FUE technique. The surgeon will make small incisions around each follicle and remove them one by one. These incisions heal quickly. On average, the donor area It takes 5-7 days to heal after FUE hair transplant.

En DrEO Clinic We will give you information on how the donor area of ​​patients heals after hair transplant surgery.

Video Capillary Graft Donor Area

We leave you the video in case you want a quick summary to know more about the donor area after grafting hair and beard.

What is the donor area?

The donor area is usually the area on the back and side of the head from which the hair transplant surgeon extracts the follicles. This involves taking the hairs one by one (FUE hair transplant surgery) or in the form of a strip (FUT hair transplant surgery) from the donor area and relocate these hairs in an area of ​​baldness or thinning (recipient area).

Healing of the donor area after a hair transplant

The healing process after a hair transplant begins immediately. The small incisions will initially be harvested. On the day of surgery, a bandage will be placed on the back of your head. You can remove it the next day where you will find that the back of the head has small scabs where the follicles have been taken.

These scabs begin to disappear immediately after surgery when the back of the head is washed. Beneath the scab, your body will begin to repair and cover the small incisions with small scar tissue. This scar tissue must be between 0,7 mm and 1 mm in size and must be distributed throughout the donor area. Since every little dot is very small, once your hair grows to a length of 1 or 2 from the machine, it will not be noticeable.

Recovery before and after hair transplantation

1 week after the hair transplant surgery, you can see that the small dot scars are no longer visible as the hairs have grown to hide them.
Your donor area will surely heal before you return to work.

Cut your hair after the donor site has healed

You can cut your hair as usual after the 14th day has passed after the hair transplant. The donor site should have fully healed after surgery by now.

Redness of the donor area after hair transplantation

After the hair transplant, the donor area may be a little red. This corresponds to the normal healing process and becomes unnoticeable once the hair grows to a certain length.

If this redness persists for more than 4 weeks, then you should contact us so we can evaluate the area.

How is the donor zone after the Strip Technique?

When using the strip technique, there is often a linear scar in the donor area.

How is the donor area after the FUE Technique?

When using the FUE hair implant technique, a scar that is visible to the naked eye is not generated. Hypopigmented marks (circular micro-scars) are sometimes seen at the sites where the follicles were removed.

Are the marks visible afterwards?

These marks are always covered when the hair reaches a certain length.


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