Hair transplant

Planning to get your hair back with a transplant? Then this information interests you.

Transplant Phases

A good hair transplant can make you recover the image you've been looking for so much; Like any surgical procedure, the process consists of several stages. Here we explain how many they are and what they are about.


Is the procedure painful? What type of anesthesia do you use? Like any surgery, treatment requires anesthesia to minimize the discomfort that may arise, and this is the type of anesthesia that you will need.


Do you want to get a hair implant, but are you afraid that it will be too expensive to make your dream come true? do not worry! There is a wide range of prices that adapt to your needs and these are the costs you want to know.


Undergoing surgery is not an easy process, but a hair transplant requires several hours for the procedure to be successful and the results are exactly what you are looking for.

What is a Hair Graft?

The hair graft is a surgical procedure that is aimed at all those people who want to recover their hair due to a problem of loss in different degrees or permanent alopecia.

hair transplant
hair transplant

Is Hair Transplantation a Permanent Solution?

When the procedure is performed in the correct way, the hair that is transplanted maintains the same biological cycle as the rest of the hair, and continues to grow throughout life, so the hair transplant is considered permanent, but it has certain conditions.

What Hair Grafting Techniques Are Currently Used?

So far, hair graft surgery is the most efficient method to combat alopecia problems in different degrees, and the most successful surgical techniques are those that seek totally natural results. These are the most used techniques in hair transplantation.

hair transplant
hair transplant

Is the Hair Implant Painful?

We all fear and anxiety the visit to the operating room and in a hair transplant surgery is not the exception, but is the procedure really painful? The reality is that the treatment is done with local anesthesia and you can present the following discomforts.

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplants?

In hair transplant, your own hair follicles are transferred to the areas where you need them, therefore the ideal patients are those who suffer from some type of alopecia and have a success rate of 98%. However, this percentage is variable since it depends on the type of alopecia, for which types of baldness does this percentage apply?

beard implant

Graft Results

Once your surgery is done, what results can you expect? These always depend on the technique and the diagnosis of alopecia you have, these are some examples.

FUE technique

Until now, it is considered the most effective and requested technique in hair transplant procedures due to its high efficacy in treating alopecia in men and women, but what does it consist of?

Donor Zone

To have a successful transplant with your own follicles, it is necessary that you have an adequate area from where we can extract them, this is called a donor area. How do we determine it? Here we tell you.


After your transplant surgery, it is important that you take certain care so that the results are manifested in a timely manner. These are the steps you should take to take care of yourself after the graft.