Hair Transplant Hair transplant Hair Transplant without Finasteride

Hair Transplant without Finasteride

! Hair Transplant without Finasteride!

It's not possible! Now let's reflect ...

Surely you have been told in some clinics, forums or pages on the internet, that after a hair graft procedure, you must necessarily use finasteride.

But this is FALSE.

It is not necessary to use Finasteride after a hair implant.

No post-transplant medication is actually necessary.

Some of the most popular hair transplants are done without using Finasteride. It will surely be a little shocking for you to know that this is true, but it is. This does not mean that you cannot use it after having your hair transplant. In fact, if you already take it, we recommend keeping it after your surgery.

The general recommendation is to use a combination of minoxidil and finasteride, as you have two ways to protect your native follicles.

It should be noted that even when it is not necessary, if you want to keep your native hair longer, Finasteride is a great treatment option.

But what do you think?

El hair transplanted will manage to stay for life (most likely) without use of finasteride; this because as you will remember it is a hair with a greater resistance to the effect of androgens on your hair.

Now ... Are you in shock?

So ... What do you recommend, hair graft without finasteride or not?

However, we do recommend that you maintain a care and maintenance treatment after your transplant. Why?

Because the Minoxidil Helps to strengthen hair in general, both implanted and native; This will allow you to obtain a more natural result.

On the other hand, Finasteride will ensure that your native hair stays where it should be, making it more resistant to the force of nature (ok… ok to the force of Dihydrotestosterone, which is the one that pulls our hair).

There are a few different techniques that are used to perform a hair transplant without finasteride and all of them work, but none of them are as safe or as effective as a hair transplant performed by a trained professional. You must make sure that you look at several different techniques before choosing one.


So… hair transplant without finasteride?

We recommend you approach the specialist you decide; and that together they plan in a better way, both your procedure and your subsequent treatment.

En DrEO ClinicThese decisions are made together so you can decide what to do with your hair.

Remember information is power ...

So find out as much as you can, in order to make the smartest decision.

What do our patients think of us?

Dr. Enrique Orozco
Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.


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Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.




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