Hair Phases

Your hair has life! Know the most important stages of its growth and learn how to take care of it.

Anagen Phase

This is the longest growth phase of your hair cycle and it will define the length you can achieve. Do you want to know how long it lasts and its main characteristics? Here we tell you.

Cathagen Phase

In contrast to the previous phase (anagen), this is the shortest phase of your hair cycle because it stops growing, but why does this happen and how long does this phase last? Find out in this section.

Telogenic Phase

Did you know that your hair also has a rest or fall phase? You read correctly, it is natural for your hair to fall out as it is part of its cycle, and the reasons why it falls off your head are as follows:

Exogenous phase

The hair once again begins its cycle through this phase, as new hair begins to grow. Find out the details of this phase here:

What is the Hair Life Cycle?

Did you know that we can compare our hair to a plant? Oddly enough, there are more similarities than you think, as they both have a cycle of growth, development, maturation, and death through different phases. This is how the life cycle of your hair has these characteristics.

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How Long Does Each Phase of Hair Last?

The times that nature determines in each of the things that surround us are exact, and in our body is no exception. The hair grows faster depending on the sex and its location; however, each stage of the hair cycle has an average duration that will impact you.

How Does Hair Regenerate?

From the aesthetic point of view, mistreatment and hair loss are considered important problems of beauty, health and self-esteem, since most people suffer from finding a treatment or solution that allows them to regenerate their hair, and these are some solutions.

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Why Treatments Seek to Increase the Anagen Phase of Hair?

Maintaining a silky and abundant hair are just some characteristics that we all seek to have in our hair. That is why we buy products that promise to have these results, but have you ever wondered why caring for our hair is important in this phase of its cycle?

How Much Does Hair Grow per Month?

Several times we have felt that our hair is never long enough to be comfortable with it. It is true, as the years go by, hair growth becomes slower, but this is the average growth that specialists say the hair has every month.

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Hair Shampoos

The correct care and conservation of your hair depend on many factors and products that favor it. For this reason, shampoos are a great ally for keeping your hair in top condition.

Hair Lotions

They are formulas dedicated to improving the performance of hair throughout your life, they also prevent the appearance of dandruff, grease and avoid hair loss problems. These are its main and amazing features.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This is a treatment against hair loss and also restores the circulation and stimulation of the follicles to promote hair growth. Here we give you all the details of this incredible therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

It is a procedure that is applied to people with active hair loss, since it allows to stop the fall and thanks to its efficiency, it is the non-surgical treatment with the most future in hair medicine.