Hair Overview

Do you want silky, strong and abundant hair? These are all the requirements you need to achieve it.


Our hair is the result of how much or little we take care of it, and since ancient times it has been a symbol of beauty and health among civilizations, but our hair contains important information that is ...

Hair structure

Did you know that the shape of your hair says a lot about how it is composed? Your hair is more than what you see and you comb, that's why it has this impressive structure:


Knowing the main function of our hair will allow us to give it the proper care to preserve it in the best way, since these are the main characteristics that make it important:

Hair types

Straight or curly, dry or greasy, do you know what type of hair you have? If you still have doubts about what type of hair you have, these are the main types of hair that will help you take better care of it.

What is Hair?

Without noticing it, the hair fulfills a more important function than the one we give it. It has an incredible ability to protect us from the elements outside, in addition to being useful in more circumstances that make this element of our body, a valuable piece that we must take care of.

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How much hair do we have?

Have you ever wondered? Knowing the total amount of hair that we have on our head is one of the most constant questions, because let us tell you that it is possible to know, but the number of hairs that exist in each person, depends on sex and race. In other words, nobody has the same amount.

How many hairs fall per day?

Without noticing it, the hair falls off the scalp easily because it has a life cycle, but exactly how many hairs fall out of your head in a day? You will be amazed at the amount of hair that falls without you noticing.

Why does hair fall out in men?
female baldness

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair grows, strengthens, and ends up falling out, but there are circumstances where hair falls before it completes its cycle, and may be due to some factor causing loss of strength. This may be a sign that you are not taking proper care of it or that there is a problem that you are not paying attention to.

What to Do to Accelerate Hair Growth?

Are there any methods or remedies that accelerate hair growth? This is a question that for many urges an answer. We are all interested in knowing what to do to have longer or more abundant hair and make it grow as fast as possible. Well, apparently there are some answers to this great question.

man without alopecia or baldness

Hair Phases

Did you know that your hair has a life cycle? You read that right, life cycle. It is interesting to think that what helps us to have a unique style also has a life span. If you want to know more about your hair, read on.

Dry hair

When our hair dries, it may be due to a proper care problem. Many times we believe that the products we use are good for our hair, but there are also several factors that can dry it out more than necessary.

Hair color

Have you ever wondered where your hair color comes from? The variety of hair colors and shades in the world is thanks to a pigment that is responsible for giving color not only to your hair, but also to other parts of your body.

Hair Shape

An imposing and silky straight hair or a spectacular and abundant curly mane, which one do you like more? Hair has different shapes that help you look authentic style and personality, but they are not the only ones ...