Hair Transplant Eyebrow Transplant Eyebrow Graft: Definitive Guide

Eyebrow Graft: Definitive Guide

Eyebrow grafting can be done using the FUE technique. The main objective in its restoration is to obtain a very natural density, direction, distribution and growth angle.

La hair loss of the eyebrows is relatively common. The most common cause of eyebrow loss is due to waxing or scarring. However, systemic diseases such as lupus erythematosus or hypothyroidism they can also cause loss. 

We know that eyebrows are important for our interaction with others, since they help a lot in the expression of our emotions and feelings and their restoration improves appearance and psychological well-being of the person. 

As with hair, eyebrows can be restored using the technique FUE. The main objective in its restoration is to obtain a very natural density, direction, distribution and growth angle. That is why a surgery of this type is a very “Artisan" The ideal donor area for this transplant is the area posterior head. Although, it can also be used body hairHowever, the efficiency of the transplant will not be as high. 

Generalities of the eyebrow graft

One very important thing is that because it is hair, after the eyebrow graft, these they will continue to grow and it will be necessary to cut them periodically, just like in the hair graft. At first, despite the fact that implants in the right direction, the eyebrow hair will grow a little rebellious, tending to grow upwards, so it is recommended to use dense gel or iron it to give it direction and that the hair is "Get used to" to grow in the desired direction, this as long as the doctor authorizes it. It is also important for patients to know that between 10-15% of hair transplanted will not grow in the ideal direction, so it may be necessary to wax them later. 

The design of the eyebrow will depend on the patient's preferences. The patient is encouraged to bring photos of people with the type of eyebrow they want in order to create the proper design. 

As it is a minimally invasive procedure if care is followed, the probability that they will occur complications is too short. The most frequent can be a slight asymmetry of the eyebrows and a loss of transplanted follicles of up to 25%. The subsequent care They are very similar to those of hair transplantation. If you want to know more about this topic, I invite you to see the video that we previously made on our channel. 

Its growth begins between 4-6 months after surgery and maximum density more or less is reached one year after eyebrow grafting. 


Having depopulated eyebrows is not only a matter of aesthetics and waxing, it is also due to skin problems or additional diseases that results in hair loss that includes eyebrows and eyelashes.

An example of this type of disease is a phenomenon known as superciliary madarosis, which can be caused by dermatitis, burn, a disease of the nervous system or by alopecia areata. 

Do you want to give your face a new air? Defining the look and framing the features through defined and bushy eyebrows is the most current in beauty trends in men and women, but of the entire range of treatments that exist today, what is the procedure that suits me? Today we are talking about one of them, the eyebrow graft.

Eyebrow grafting is a treatment that can help you achieve bushy eyebrows without small gaps that are usually noticeable when there is not enough eyebrow hair, but this process is not for everyone. If you are interested in knowing about this modern treatment, read on.

Phases of eyebrow grafting

In case you did not know, eyebrows are essential for facial expressions and fulfill the important function of protecting your eyes from the onslaught of the environment and the sweat that runs down your forehead. Do you already consider the eyebrow transplant as an option to give your face a renewal?

Before starting the process for the eyebrow graft, it is necessary to do a series of clinical exams to know the state of health of the patient. This is because the doctor must know this to determine the drugs that will be used in the intervention and after it.

Subsequently, the specialist anesthetizes the area that will work so that the patient is relaxed during the surgical procedure.

For the procedure, the doctor must make the design that will have the eyebrow, taking care that it agrees with the appearance of your face. Additionally, there must be an agreement between the two for the result to be satisfactory.

The procedure requires taking hair from the donor obtained from the lowest part of the neck, since the characteristics of this hair match that of the eyebrow because it is generally finer hair than the rest. 

For the eyebrow it is convenient to transplant units of one to two hairs maximum, it is also important to respect the growth direction of each eyebrow hair.


Does such a procedure necessarily require anesthesia? The answer is yes, since it is a surgical procedure, it is necessary the intervention of a specialist who can give your face the best results.

But do not worry, the anesthesia used to carry out the procedure is local, this allows you to be relaxed during the intervention, but at the same time you are aware of what happens with your treatment.

In addition, you may also be given a sedative before entering the operating room. Thus, you will find yourself more relaxed from the start before you are given anesthesia.


Prices will always depend on your personalized evaluation and the number of follicles that must be grafted in the less populated areas of the eyebrows. For this, the doctor must evaluate the eyebrows to be able to give a figure that is prudent.


The duration of the procedure depends on the degree of complexity that is present at the time of grafting the follicles and the amount of them that are being grafted. However, sometimes its duration does not exceed four hours maximum.

How is the eyebrow graft?

The procedure is apparently simple, as we explained in other grafting styles, the FUE technique is so far the most requested for its excellent results and for not leaving a scar, but it requires the extraction of follicles one by one to transplant them to your eyebrows.

The doctor will graft hair from the nape of your neck to the least populated areas of your eyebrows. Subsequently, when grafting the hair, you must respect the growth direction of your natural eyebrow so that it is consistent with the hair you graft.

Will the eyebrow continue to grow like hair?

You must bear in mind that when hair on the nape of the neck is occupied, it will grow as a hair normally does. When this happens, it is recommended that you make small cuts in those hairs that were grafted and that exceed the length of the natural hair of your eyebrow.

So you just have to give it the proper maintenance to keep the eyebrows you have been wanting for a long time.

Where is the eyebrow transplant hair taken from?

Generally, the hair is taken from the back of the neck. However, there are cases where the hair is also taken from other parts of the body such as that of the legs, chest or beard in case of an eyebrow transplant in men, but these places are normally used only in cases where they are not the hair on the nape of your neck is sufficient.

In these areas outside your head, the hair can also be similar to that of your eyebrow. Therefore, it is permissible to use it so that the result is as natural as possible.

Is an eyebrow transplant painful?

No. Before starting the procedure, local anesthesia is applied so that you are as comfortable as possible during the operation, but you can be aware of each step in the procedure without any discomfort.

Does an eyebrow transplant look natural?

Yes. The results the doctor is looking for are the most natural, you just have to remember that the growth of grafted hair takes a whole process before you can see the final result. Following your doctor's instructions, most likely, no one will notice that your eyebrows were grafted.


As you will see, grafting is not the only procedure that promises defined and thick eyebrows, since Microblading is a cosmetic treatment that also promises to give you these results, but in a semi-permanent way.

It is a tattoo technique that allows your eyebrows to be designed according to the shape of your face. This is a way of makeup for the eyebrows that do not have density. This technique helps correct the shape and filling of the eyebrows.

This procedure is performed with a tool that contains needles three times finer than those used for a normal tattoo. With the help of the needles, the pigments are inserted simulating each hair to give it a natural touch.

It is necessary for a professional to perform this procedure, since the result will depend a lot on the experience of the person who performs it. In this way, you can give your eyebrows the life you always wanted them to have to look shiny and natural.

Eyebrow graft with FUE technique

This technique is used for the eyebrow graft, since it helps to transplant the follicle from the area that was extracted to the eyebrow area.

This technique consists of individually extracting each follicle from the donor area, in this case the nape, in order to be grafted into the donor area, which is the eyebrow.

With the help of cylindrical micro scalpels, the follicles will be removed from your area so that they can then be grafted into the areas that lack hair.

Thanks to the modernity of this technique, it allows the result to be very natural and the scarring on both sides (donor and donor area) is practically imperceptible.

Eyebrow styles

Just having hair on the top of your eyes is not enough. As mentioned above, eyebrows are an important element in how to define the face, so the style of the eyebrow will depend on your appearance and in the direction that the hair grows.

The doctor should be the one who values ​​your face so that he can reach an agreement with you on how you want the result to be.

There are different styles of eyebrows such as rounded, flat, with pronounced or smooth angles. Each one has a style and defines your look, therefore, who can best know it is who will be in charge of carrying out the process.

- Rounded: softens the face and softens hard features.

- Flat: the face looks more oval and short.

- With a pronounced angle: it lifts the look and provides youth.

- With a soft angle: gives a more subtle style to the face.

It is also important that you take into account when making the verdict of how the shape of your eyebrows will be. Do not be afraid to speak and express your opinion, because it also depends on you being satisfied with the results.


Like all surgical treatment, eyebrow transplantation requires certain aftercare to ensure the success of the procedure, for example:

Do not scratch the areas that have been worked, since you can throw away the implanted follicles or you can infect the area.

- If required, medications will be prescribed so that the swelling or pain that occurs after the operation is controlled and eliminated.

- The doctor will follow up after the procedure to evaluate how the result is going.

Only by following the instructions provided by your doctor to the letter, will you achieve the result of the entire procedure to be successful.

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Dr. Enrique Orozco
Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.


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Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.




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