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What is the DrEO experience?

The experience of browsing our app will allow you to answer questions regarding the FUE technique, all about baldness and beard and hair transplant, you can even schedule your next appointment with us.

1. DrEO Experience

Learn about the success stories of our patients and experience first-hand what the day of your procedure would be like.

2. VIP tracking

If you are already a member of our DrEO family, we give you the follow-up you need to obtain a better result in your procedure.

3.Apartment Payment

Save time and effort doing the section of your procedure from the comfort of your home, easily, quickly and safely.

Download the DrEO Clinic App

The best hair transplant app

Day-to-day procedure
We will be by your side from 15 days before your procedure to one year after it.

Easy to use
With just a touch, you can access all of our content.

Available for any Android device in PlayStore and iOS in AppStore.

Completely free
You can download the exclusive App of DrEO Clinic at no cost.

Exclusive content

From our app you will be able to know the day to day of a Hair Transplant from the privacy of our Clinic. Save time in transfer and schedule your appointment with us through our new DrEO Clinic application from any system: Android or IOS

What are you waiting to experience the DrEO experience?

You can now have access to our content whenever you want, wherever you want and at any time, all at your finger-tips.

So do not wait any longer and do not miss the opportunity to know everything you need about hair transplantation: what is the surgery like, what is the process and live the procedure with us through the eyes of one of our patients.

Let us clear your doubts, remove your fears and achieve that hair and beard you always dreamed of. Because at DrEO Clinic you are the most important thing.

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