DrEO Dr. Enrique Orozco Dr. Enrique Orozco is interviewed by the newspaper "Reforma"

Dr. Enrique Orozco is interviewed by the newspaper "Reforma"

Dr. Enrique Orozco was interviewed by the newspaper "Reforma" and was featured on his magazine "Podium"; You will love the interview as they review their professional and personal life.


«Having clear objectives professionally has led
the hair transplant specialist to achieve many of his goals »

"I tried so hard to get where I am, just to settle for it."

Dr. Enrique Orozco at the Reforma Newspaper

It is the phrase that summarizes not only the professional area of ​​the surgeon Dr. Enrique Orozco, but also his philosophy of life. The graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) says that since he was a child he was a restless person, with an affinity for sports, music, cinema, theater and business, which he ventured from when he was 8 years old.

He began his career in the pharmaceutical industry, but, in the search to expand his borders and, in addition, due to a problem of personal alopecia, he decided to specialize in hair, which is why today he is a professional in grafts of this type and it impacts positively in people's lives.

Dr. Enrique Orozco - Man of challenges
Dr. Enrique Orozco is a man of challenges

“I became a trichologist, in the United States, and along the way I managed to get certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS); I also belong to the ISHRS, it is more famous in Mexico, since you pay a membership and you have access to conferences and news, ”says the native of Cuautla, Morelos.

"Today I can tell you that I am the second Mexican doctor ABHRS certified in hair transplant and, proudly, the only one living in Mexico ”.

In the constant search to do more and improve in all aspects of day to day, it is how the surgeon has found to implement innovative ideas in his office, sharing a positive vibe with his collaborators, whom he defines as his own family.

I am a person of challenges, innovation and an adventurous spirit, always trying to be at the forefront, so those of us who dream like me find it a little more difficult to confront with The real world".

Dr. Enrique Orozco of DrEO Clinic
Dr. Enrique Orozco and the challenges
Dr. Enrique Orozco defines himself as a dreamer

The passion of Dr. Enrique Orozco

¿Cówhat was your trainingón growing up?

“My life has always been a roller coaster, full of unexpected ups and downs and emotions. I can say that I have had setbacks, but, from each one, I have learned and improved; I know that without those experiences I would not be the person I am today.

I had a happy and at the same time very strict childhood, my dad was always very accommodating and consenting, my mom was super strict and severe, I think I needed that balance, because I was always a hyperactive and super restless child. At 8 years old, I had my first business with a small bazaar outside my house, in fact, I think it was around that time that my passion for hair started, since my mom decided to study styling and put a little aesthetic out of home; I think this influenced my current profession. "

Why did Dr. Enrique Orozco decide to specialize in this area?

“I wanted to study Medicine because of the challenge it represented, it was more a matter of pride. Everyone told me it was the hardest thing, so I decided to do it, then I discovered that I really love hair. I started with this topic of hair transplant recently graduated from college, for personal reasons of alopecia.

I remember that in the pharmaceutical industry I talked a lot about it and most of my colleagues discouraged me; However, it became an obsession and I ended up leaving comfort to enter the world of hair transplantation.

Although if I am honest, I feel that I could have studied a thousand careers, in fact, I recently finished studying Industrial Engineering, I am studying Law and I have a Master's Degree in Health Organization Administration and a PhD in Science. I tried to enter as a standup and in the future I would like to study Architecture ”.

His passions
«My great passion is to change lives»

¿Qué motivates you to work with hair?

“In the real world you realize the weight that hair can have on the image of a person, I saw that I was not the only one who cared about this matter as far as I believed. I'm really passionate about the hair, the elaboration of the design, the planning of the procedure, I can do it all day, from Monday to Sunday ”.

How did the idea of ​​starting your clinic come up?

“Money has never been my motivation, rather I wanted to create and own something special. I had to make the decision to leave everything I had achieved and start from scratch, start my company and rebuild my family. I had a name in the pharmaceutical industry, but I also had a passion, so the time came and I listened to my inner voice and followed my dreams, took the courage and courage I had and did not hesitate to throw myself off the cliff.

The work ethics podium from Dr. Enrique Orozco

  1. Respect. No one stays on my team if there is no respect for others.
  2. Professionalism. Know the importance of each step and the permanent search for excellence.
  3. Dedication. That the work team stands out, that they are passionate about their area.

Their numbers 1…

… From favorite city


“It has architecture, museums, theater, painting, food, parks and cultural diversity. The City that never sleeps is perfect for me, I always find something different to do ”.

Dr. Enrique Orozco and his favorites
He mentions his favorite city, hobbies, among other things

.... of breed of cats


“I didn't like them before, but it is said that whoever manages to love a cat learns to love without interest, without attachment and without the desire to dominate. Persian cats are my favorites, as they are very intelligent, very tender and playful. I have three".

… Of hobbies

“My favorite is to learn. I am always studying something, I love the process and, for someone as hyperactive as I am, it helps me focus and feel that I use my time well. ”

Personal life of Dr. Enrique Orozco

What role does family have in your life?

“My son, Diego, along with my wife, Frida, are the most important thing I have, they are my friends and coworkers, they are great people and they support my projects at all times.

My parents were always very supportive and they challenged me daily, whether for good or bad, and they are the reason why I try harder every day, I work so that they are always well. My sister is another of the motors that I have in life and I have two dogs and three cats, which I also consider part of my family. ”

What moments have marked your life?

"Just as he was about to leave the pharmaceutical industry, he did not know if he was making the right decision and, in addition, he joined the separation of
my son's mother. Actually my life at that time was completely transforming, I cannot deny that it was a very difficult process, but now I understand that it left me many lessons that today I appreciate.

Dr. Enrique Orozco and his wife
Dr. Enrique Orozco with his beloved wife

What has been the greatest reinvention in the life of Dr. Enrique Orozco?

“The most notable has been dedicating myself to hair. Imagine, I was one of the best averages of the generation, my teachers and colleagues thought that I would be a neurosurgeon, oncologist or something with more than "renown", but today I tell you it is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. Hair is a science, but many people don't see it that way.

What moment are you in now and what's next for you?

“I consider that I am in the best stage of my life, I have a wonderful wife who accompanies me in everything and encourages me to keep going; my son, who is my main engine and strength to continue with my dreams. I consider myself a lucky person, I love what I do and I try to convey all those feelings to my patients.

I have many plans for the future, but I can say that I am very proud of what we have achieved, of the team we have formed, they are all very committed to what they do and are key pieces in my success. I know we will become the best in the world in hair transplantBecause when you find your passion, you must fight to live the dream and stay in it ”.

Hair transplant is my obsession and it is my passion; I have experienced the process firsthand, I know how a person's life changes. My purpose, as a doctor, is to obtain the best result, my personal satisfaction, is to see my patients happier, more confident, revitalized ”.

Dr. Enrique Orozco, Reforma newspaper interview, Podium Magazine Cover

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Dr. Enrique Orozco
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General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.


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Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.




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