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Before and After Hair Grafting: The youth that DrEO gave me back

Before and after hair transplant. Do you want to recover the younger version of yourself? Discover how to do it with a hair transplant

Hair Graft Testimonial

The distance was not an obstacle to regain my safety Hair Graft Testimonial Do you want to read a testimonial?

Hair Transplantation in Young People

It is enough to know that you are in the right place. Hair transplantation in young people? It's possible?

Hair Graft in Women: New Hair, New Woman

Can you do hair transplant in women? As a woman, hair represents a symbol of identity and ...

Smoking and Hair Transplantation Can you?

Smoking and Hair Transplantation Can you? If you've done a bit of research on hair transplant, you've probably had ...


Enrique Orozco Interviewed Cover in PODIUM of the Reforma Newspaper

Enrique Orozco Passion for challenges DrEO Clinic would not be the same without the doctor ...

Dr. Enrique Orozco in «Members in the air» Talking about Hair Graft

Paul Stanley How are you my Doc? Dr. Enrique Orozco

FUE Technique: Definitive Guide

The FUE Technique is a minimally invasive technique used in hair transplantation, it is a surgical procedure where the hair follicles are ...