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Capillary Graft - Cap. If you have done a little research about alopecia or baldness, you have surely had the question of Can you wear a Cap or Hat after the Hair Transplant? Well, in this article we will help you know more about this.

We understand that patients can feel self-conscious about their appearance after a hair transplant. With many people wanting to hide their scalp immediately after surgery, a question that is often asked is how soon after a hair transplant a cap or hat can be worn.

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Can I use something to cover my head immediately after the procedure?

Because the implants are not yet fully fixed to their new location and contact with any tissue may detach them, it is recommended not to wear any kind of cap the first few days after the procedure.

How soon after a hair transplant can a hat or cap be worn?

To avoid damaging the fragile new hair grafts, we recommend that you wait up to six days after the hair transplant before wearing a hat. If you need to cover her scalp before the sixth day, you can wear a very loose hat or a light cap, as long as it does not come in contact with the grafts.

The two main types of hair transplant surgery that are performed are known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT or Strip) and Excision / Extraction of Follicular Units (WAS). Both procedures involve the extraction of healthy hair follicles from a donor area and their subsequent transplantation to the recipient areas of the scalp affected by hair loss. Small incisions are made in the patient's scalp and hair grafts are implanted into them with great care and precision.

The implanted grafts are very fragile and should not be touched during the first five days after surgery. After the procedure, the scalp may be red and swollen, and you will experience some scabbing for the first few days.

It is natural for you to feel uncomfortable about your appearance during this early phase and you may prefer to cover your head to hide any evidence of surgery. However, you should always follow the advice of your healthcare team to help you achieve the best possible results from your procedure.

En DrEO Clinic We will give you comprehensive instructions on the best way to care for your grafts after surgery. Including tips on when you can wash your hair, wear a hat, and resume other regular activities.

How soon after a hair transplant can I wear a hat?

We normally advise patients to avoid wearing any type of head covering for the first five days after a hair transplant . This is because items such as hats increase the risk of compressing and dislodging newly implanted hair grafts. Any damage to the grafts at this crucial stage could create void spots on the scalp, jeopardizing the success of the entire procedure. Wearing a tight hat can also irritate the scalp. This can be sensitive during the healing period. The hair grafts they are usually safe from day XNUMX onwards, at which point it is okay to wear a hat.

How can I hide my scalp after a hair transplant?

Although we recommend waiting until the sixth day before wearing a hat (usually until after day 10 even), it is possible to cover the scalp before this, as long as extra care is taken not to damage the grafts.

If you want to cover your scalp when leaving the clinic after surgery, we recommend a surgical cap or "cap" instead of a cap or hat. This is because we put a little white bandage on the forehead which is normally not really compatible with a hat.

If you decide to wear a hat for the first five days, you should choose it wisely. Opt for a loose fitting, adjustable hat that is as wide as possible around your head - it should not come into contact with hair grafts.

Hats with a firm structure can work well because they fit tightly to the treated area. Firm baseball caps with a plastic mesh on the back tend to be better.

When you remove your cap or hood, be careful not to make contact with the transplanted area on your scalp. It also applies to other clothing items. It is safest to wear shirts with buttons or zippers in the front to avoid the need to remove your clothing over your head.

Ideally, leave the scalp exposed for the first two to three days.

Please contact the DrEO Clinic if you would like more advice on the care of your grafts after a hair transplant.

Now you know more about Capillary Graft - Cap. We recommend you read about post-hair transplant care.


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