Body Hair Transplant

This particular technique is also a great solution for solving baldness or alopecia problems.


To solve alopecia problems, sometimes the donor area is not enough or does not cover the depopulated area, and for this reason, we need to extract hair from other areas of your body, for example.


Is the procedure painful? What type of anesthesia do you use? Like any surgery, treatment requires anesthesia to minimize the discomfort that may arise, and this is the type of anesthesia that you will need.


Does my hair graft treatment through body hair transplant have the same cost? The range of prices that we handle always adapt to your needs. Get to know them!


Although it may seem like a simple treatment, a body hair transplant is a delicate procedure that requires several hours for the treatment to be successful.

What is the Body Hair Transplant like?

As its name implies, this procedure uses hair from other parts of the body to be transplanted to the areas of the head where alopecia exists, and is a great solution for those people whose donor area is insufficient or does not cover the area. depopulated.

body hair transplant
body hair transplant

Where Does the Hair for Body Transplant Come From?

Body hair transplantation is an efficient alternative to solve alopecia problems in people whose donor area is not enough. The hair can be taken from the chest or the beard, but there are also other areas where they can be obtained.

What are the differences between a hair and a hair?

Many times we have asked ourselves if there is a difference between hair, hair and hair, are there different functions and characteristics in each of them? This element of our body has extremely important functions and here we explain the main differences.

body hair transplant
body hair transplant

Is the Same Naturalness achieved with a Classic Hair Transplant?

To perform a body hair transplant, the specialist has to carry out a thorough and exhaustive study of each hair on your body to determine that there is compatibility with the hair on your head, and thus ensure that the procedure has the most natural results.

Is a Body Hair Transplant Worth It?

It is important to know that this procedure is indicated for those with little hair in their donor area; However, these are more characteristics to know if it is worthwhile to undergo this treatment.

body hair transplant

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