Beard transplant

Do you want a more defined and thick beard? The solution is in the beard transplant!

Transplant Phases

Beard transplant surgery will help you achieve the beard you have always dreamed of, and like any surgical procedure, it has different stages that you must go through to achieve the results you want. Here we explain how many they are and what they are about.


Is the procedure painful? What type of anesthesia do you use? Like any surgery, treatment requires anesthesia to minimize the discomfort that may arise, and this is the type of anesthesia that you will need.


Do you want to get a beard implant, but are you afraid it will be too expensive to make your dream come true? do not worry! There is a wide range of prices that adapt to your needs and these are the costs you want to know.


Although it seems like a simple process, a beard transplant is a delicate and meticulous procedure that requires several hours for the treatment to be successful.

How is the Beard Graft?

In order to have the beard you have always wanted, it is important to know that the procedure used for hair transplant can be used on other parts of the body such as hair, eyebrows and even eyelashes, and the details on how this step-by-step surgery is following:

Beard Graft Price
Beard Transplant

If You Shave Your Beard Implant Does It Grow Back?

The beard implant will help you achieve exactly the style you want, the grafts are permanent so shaving will not be an obstacle to the hair growing back normally, why is this happening?

Where is the Beard Transplant Hair Taken From?

To obtain the follicles you need so that your beard is defined and abundant, we require a donor area that provides us with all those that allow us to design the beard of your dreams. These are the areas where we get your follicles.

Beard Transplant
beard transplant

Is a Beard Transplant Painful?

It may seem that taking hair from another part of your body and transplanting it to your face is painful, but the reality is that it practically does not cause pain, since the incisions in are extremely small.

Does a Beard Transplant Look Natural?

In order for the results on your beard to be completely what you expect, it is important to know in detail your facial features and other details that will allow your new beard to have a completely natural finish. These are the factors that determine success.

Beard Transplant

Beard Graft Results

The beard implant technique is based on a system that is not as invasive as other procedures; however, the final results take a little longer.

FUE, Sapphire and DHI technique

They are the most used techniques for performing hair transplants, and they can also be used for beard transplantation, but each one has specific characteristics that distinguish them, what are they about?

Beard Styles and Designs

How do I know which type and style of beard is right for me? Designs and styles always depend on your individual characteristics, but these are the most outstanding recommendations.

Beard Implant Aftercare

The recovery of the beard transplant is usually quite fast, and these are the phases to which you must pay attention so that your care is adequate and you have the best results.