Beard Graft Price

Regarding the Beard Graft Price, we can find totally different quotes, it will depend on several factors, from the clinical experience of the doctor, the certifications of the doctor and the clinic, the number of patients that the clinic really has and the investment in advertising, as well like your marketing strategy. The beard implant is relatively new and although there are clinics that promise spectacular results, on many occasions they are not even experienced in this.

Beard Graft Price
Beard Implant Cost

The styles and trends of beard designs with more and more growth strongly reinforce the natural (or unnatural) desires of many men to have abundant and powerful facial hair.

This is in addition to the fact that the number of Barber Shops is increasing indiscriminately. With this the fantasy of being pampered and pampered your beard is greater.

Sadly, not all men can make that happen because of their personal genetics - it takes away the desire for a lumberjack's beard.

While some men remove the genetic Melate from facial hair, others have a shaved look without even having to shave (this can sometimes be a blessing).

Luckily for those who want to have a beard but cannot achieve the miracle on their own, beard transplants are already a reality.

This helpful procedure can do for you what your mom and dad couldn't.

Normally, with a hair transplant in a different place on the body, the posterior hair is always very useful and is the most common area.

The hair is also moved to the lower half of the face so that the beard or mustache can grow back soon.

Do you want to have a beard transplant but don't know enough to make a decision? You have come to the right place, the Clinica DrEO blog.

Complete Guide to Beard Transplantation

We have created a complete guide to beard transplants, we recommend you read it all, you will love it.

In this guide that we link you above you can see from the cause of the absence of facial hair to the cost and the process of the procedure, going through its lasting effects and possible alternatives, we are covering all the bases.

Whether you want a beautiful short beard or something long and flowing, just get rid of that irregular beard at once and make the decision to receive a beard transplant - his face will thank you and your self-esteem more.

But how much is a beard implant worth in Mexico?

Like any cosmetic or cosmetic surgical procedure, this can be expensive. But financial costs are only one consideration - recovery time, side effects, potential complications, and the bottom line should also be part of your decision process.

Read on if you want to know more ... what you want to know is a little below.

Types of hair transplants

We have come a long way since the 70s, when the option of a single hair transplant left you like a doll. The "hair plugs" were groups of hairs that relocated to thinning parts of the scalp.

Because these "plugs" included several hairs in a small group, they were particularly noticeable in short haircuts and toward the front of the head, where many men experience baldness.

However, since the 1990s, hair transplant surgeries have improved. Now, there are two generally accepted approaches: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUE or FUT technique?

The FUT Technique involves removing a strip of healthy hair from a donor area of ​​the head, where it is less noticeable. The main drawback of FUT surgery is that it leaves a scar. This is an especially important consideration if you like to wear your hair very short.

La FUE technique It is a newer development in hair restoration surgery. It involves the extraction of unique follicular units "one by one" - or individual hair follicles - and their transplantation to a new area. To do this, the surgeon uses very small "micro-perforations" to remove the hair from the scalp with minimal scarring.

It is understandable that the FUE Technique can take longer than the FUT.

FUT and FUE beard transplant surgeries are done in an outpatient setting. You will generally receive local anesthesia to numb the scalp, but will remain awake during surgery.

The ISHRS estimates that the procedures last between four and eight hours, and some transplants can last a few sessions for more than a day.

The procedure consists of extracting healthy hair and transplanting it to the affected area. Later, details will be provided on how to care for at home.

How much does a beard transplant?

Now that you understand the detailed process of what a beard transplant is, it's probably not a surprise that it's a relatively expensive procedure. Although if you consider that it will be forever, it really is not ...

On the other hand, when you compare this treatment with other aesthetic procedures that we men (or some women) do to improve our appearance and feel better about ourselves, it is not far-fetched.

If having a thick and healthy beard is important to you, you should never feel bad about the decision to undergo a beard transplant, it will be the best decision for you because you want it.

Although cost is not the most important thing, it will be worth the investment to be happy with what you see in the mirror every morning. In addition you will have done something for you.

And how much does a beard implant cost?

Depending on the clinic and the doctor you end up choosing, you should be prepared to pay between 60,000 to 120,000 pesos for a quality beard transplant.

It's definitely possible to find cheaper options elsewhere, but for a procedure performed by a reputable clinic that has produced successful results, you won't want to pay much less than this.

Charges will vary with each clinic you visit.

Prices may be affected by the necessary grafts, the required sessions and the consultation fees, among others.

Some clinics will charge for the number of facial grafts you need (usually the most effective pricing model), while others will charge for the number of sessions needed to complete the transplanted hair process.

Others may charge a high consultation fee, which can be avoided by researching in advance.

You may also incur additional costs for a possible visit to the dermatologist (to determine the cause of the patch) or recovery materials.

Although this turns out to be quite an expensive test, it is an investment.

Spending less will only result in poor quality work, short-term results, or dissatisfaction with the end result.

You want your beard to be in the best hands and you get what you pay for.

Beard Implant Price

There are also “Low Cost” clinics like in Turkey that have generated a lot of fame for their aggressive marketing campaigns and very very low costs. In general experience, this is a “blown up” (as we say in Mexico) because you can get a great result or you can destroy your hair area, the same recommendations that we give you at the end of this information apply to all clinics.

Beard Graft Price

Beard Graft Price - Medigo

How much is a Beard Implant worth in Mexico?

According to the MediGo site, which is a page specialized in medical tourism advice, Mexico is at a medium-low level in terms of costs with high-quality results.

The average initial cost in 2019 is around $ 57,000 pesos, while in the United States of America we find this same procedure at an initial average of $ 221,000 pesos, that is, almost 4 times higher.

What makes the cost of Beard Implant vary?

Particularly being a science and an art, the beard transplant must be more than an economic matter, a rational decision and requires a deep evaluation. That is why we do not recommend that you expose your face and scalp to inexperienced and unethical hands that can injure and mark you for life.

We give you some recommendations to evaluate the clinics, in addition to the importance of the cost in Beard Grafting, you must take into account:

  • Clinical experience of the medical center, but particularly of the Doctor who performed the Beard Implant.
  • Real patients that this clinic has, do not allow the cheap or the emotion to make you decide on a clinic only with promises.
  • Certifications of the Physician who will perform the procedure: in this case, there is only one worldwide Certifier of hair transplant known as ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration) and there are multiple Medical Societies, the most important for the number of doctors Members of the It is the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), find your doctors on these platforms and remember the ISHRS is a Medical Society that grants Memberships is not a Certifying body.
  • The cost is very misleading per se, given that many doctors or clinics offer you "grafts or follicular units" when they really give you "hair", very important that you make sure that you are paying before carrying out your procedure.
  • Lastly, come to the clinic and get to know its facilities, many times the forums are the worst enemy since there are many infiltrated clinic promoters who promote the clinics a lot or discredit others depending on the convenience posing as patients of the previous ones, have be very careful to believe everything you read.

CdMx Beard Graft Price

At CdMx we have great options to carry out your beard implant.

The prices of the beard transplant vary from clinic to clinic, depending on everything on quality, recognition, certifications, but it is normal for a full beard to cost between 50,000 and 90,000 pesos.

So check very well, in addition to the price, evaluate all the factors, here it applies perfectly: "The cheap is expensive" and we would add "Not everything that shines is gold", so analyze very well and make the right decision for you, but Most of all, make an informed decision.

DrEO Clinic - Beard Transplant Cost

At DrEO Clinic we seek that you get everything within your experience, because we want you to get the best cost-benefit of your Beard Implant, Dr. Enrique Orozco is certified by ABHRS and has always sought that the graft prices of Beards are kept accessible as you want anyone who wants to change their image to have that possibility.

Since you know everything about Beard Grafting Price. If you want to quote please contact DrEO Clinic and discover how you can have everything you want without overspending.

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Dr. Enrique Orozco
Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.


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Dr. Enrique Orozco
General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS. Only ABHRS Certified with residence in Mexico.




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