Alopecia in Women

Because alopecia is not only a men's issue, here we explain everything you need to know.

Alopecia in Women

Do women also lose their hair? The answer is yes and more often than you think. Enter so you know all the details.

Causes of Alopecia in Women

Are you suffering because your hair falls out and you don't understand the reason? There are many causes that influence this hair loss and we explain them to you.

Types of Female Baldness

Is there more than one type of baldness in women? How do I know what type of alopecia I have? Watch out! The following information may be very important to you.

Treatments for Alopecia in Women

It is important and necessary to know your diagnosis first and to know what type of alopecia you have. In our next information we tell you what treatments exist.

female alopecia

What is Androgenic Alopecia in Women?

Hair loss in women represents a time of unease and anguish that can affect their self-esteem. Although the issue of alopecia is generally linked as a condition of men, in women this problem is not something new and these are the main facts you should know about androgenic alopecia in women.

What is Good for Alopecia in Women?

Prevention and good hair care, as well as going to a specialist doctor who gives your mane the right treatment for your particular case, will always be the best options. However, there are some home treatments that can help you keep your hair in top condition.

female baldness
female baldness

What is Alopecia Areata in Women?

Among the different types of alopecia that can affect women is alopecia areata, a condition with very particular characteristics but that has no cure, and that the treatment that helps you fight it efficiently is derived from a proper diagnosis.

How is Alopecia Classified in Women?

How do I know what type of alopecia I have? The answer is simple: a specialist doctor is the only one who can give you a correct diagnosis, but it is important that you have an idea of ​​the main types of alopecia that exist in women and how to combat them.

female baldness

Telogen effluvium

It is an alteration in the cycle of hair growth and as a consequence, produces a considerable amount of hair loss. Do you want to know more about this phenomenon and how to recognize it? Here we explain everything you need to know.

Fibrosing Frontal Alopecia (FFA)

Are you a woman, are you over 40 years old and do you suffer from hair loss? It is possibly this type of alopecia that affects you. Here we give you more information.

Traction Alopecia

If you frequently wear hairstyles such as braids, ponytails, headscarves or very tight buns, be careful! You may or may already have traction alopecia. What is it about? learn more here:

alopecia areata

You can identify this type of alopecia from hair loss in very specific areas. Do you suffer from hair loss but do not know if it is this type of alopecia? We will explain it to you.