Alopecia in Children

Is your child experiencing abnormal hair loss for his age? Then this information interests you.

Childhood Alopecia

Alopecia in children is a rare but existing condition, which can be acquired or congenital. You want to know more? Here we tell you everything.

Symptoms of Alopecia in Children

Thinning and hair loss may be some signs that your child has alopecia. The correct diagnosis will make your treatment successful.

Alopecia Areata in Children

Some children may experience hair loss on the head, but also on the rest of their body, such as the legs and arms. Have you noticed it in your child? Here we explain more about the subject.

Traction Alopecia in Children

It can be caused by the use of hairstyles, by the constant use of caps, hats or helmets. Here we tell you how to avoid this disease in your children.

Alopecia in Children

What is Childhood Alopecia?

As in adults, hair loss is a normal process of hair renewal in children. But it is true that there are times when we notice a greater loss of hair, eventually depopulating some areas completely. Why does this happen at such a young age?

What Causes Alopecia in Children?

Is there a way to prevent excessive hair loss in our children? To know how to prevent it and treat it if it already happens, it is important to know the causes that promote alopecia in children, and these are some of the main reasons.

Alopecia in Children
Alopecia in Children

How is Alopecia Cured in Children?

To know exactly the hair therapy that can be given to your child to treat alopecia, it is important to know the correct diagnosis through a specialist doctor, for now, here we mention some of the main treatments to combat it.

Are there Natural Remedies to treat childhood alopecia?

For there to be favorable results in combating your child's alopecia, it is important that you always go to a specialist doctor who will give you the appropriate treatment. However, nature gives us these elements that will also help you combat and prevent it.

infantile alopecia


This is a disease that usually arises from an anxiety process and is characterized by a nervous tic where the child pulls the hair until it is pulled out. Do you want to know more about this condition?

Tinea Capitis

This is a factor that causes hair loss in children and is caused by the spread of a fungus, but how does the fungus get to your child's head and where is it spread?

Universal Alopecia

This is a condition that has as its main characteristic the complete loss of hair on the scalp. The exact causes are still unknown, but your child may have this type of alopecia because ...

alopecia areata

This type of alopecia is the great mystery of adults and unfortunately also affects children. The round hairless patches on the head is one of the main characteristics and its main origin is ...