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I was not one more number, I am truly special

Do you want to know what a hair transplant in entrances and crown? Read our article to learn about a great success story.

When life brings you joy with special people, it's worth staying in that place. Hello, my name is Mauricio Hess and I started losing my hair from an early age.

It happens that sometimes you take for granted that you have things guaranteed: health, food, money, but it is not always the case and when you start to see that you gradually lose things that you thought would never go away, you realize that life is not it's forever.

I underwent two interventions of hair graft because my degree of alopecia it was enough, and therefore a single surgery would not end up covering the entire area I needed.

I am a person who likes to be informed, to know several options, and choosing the one that I consider correct for me will always be a priority, and since I did not take the idea of ​​recovering my hair, leaving a procedure and such an important decision in hand from anyone, it was not an option.

For this same reason, before finding the DrEO clinic I went to consult other places, I was struck by the number of people who attend to you, but who see these procedures as a production line and you, simply become one more number in their extensive list of patients.

Communication and trust

Personal treatment is what I like the most, why? simply because it is the best, there is a real care and complicity between you and the specialist: understand your problem, know what you are looking for and there is a dialogue that allows you to trust that you are with the right person.

For this reason it was that I did not attend any of those clinics where I only felt one more objective to fulfill, that is not for me, and so it was that in my journey to find the right place to renew my life with new hair, I found DrEO clinic.

My first impression of this clinic was good, especially because the doctor personally cares for all his interested patients, it is a well-equipped place, especially clean, which is a very important factor and that interests us all. we come to perform a procedure like this one for hair transplantation at the headline and crown.

Regardless of the facilities and cleanliness, what made me choose it? Well, just what I was looking for with such zeal happened, the doctor was a true human being, he talked to me and gave me the confidence I needed to know that I was leaving my dream in good hands.

In situations like this, where you want to subject your body to a change, arrival at a specialized place will always generate distrust and insecurity, and the fact that the doctor who plans to do the procedure is the one who talks to you in the first consultations will always give you that feeling of relief and security.

With you from start to finish

I cannot complain, their instruments and materials with which they work are in very good condition and are of the latest generation, but I think that the most important thing in this story, in addition to the part where the doctor is in your entire process of Beginning to end, it is the treatment given by all the staff, not just the specialist. This familiarization process starts from the person who receives you at the reception.

Really, when you do not feel the warmth of a person, especially in these types of services, the nerve and mistrust are always on the rise, and it was not what I experienced, since the warmth of all the staff made me feel special and I was very struck by the great work environment they have.

In my first procedure, the doctor explained all the details of my case, from the first consultation he made a fairly sincere diagnosis.

I arrived at the clinic very determined, I wanted to have a hair graft, so we scheduled it, we agreed on the cost, cleared each of my doubts, I did my previous exams, the big day arrived and I was pleasantly surprised that the same doctor who attended me in the consultation would do the procedure for me, filled me with absolute confidence.

You come to stay

As the doctor and I knew, that in a first attempt it would not be possible to cover the entire area in which I wanted to do the hair implant, we agreed that this process would be done in two parts and obviously I would evaluate whether it was worth staying with them For the second job or looking for another place, I definitely stayed.

My case, because it is a alopecia that is hereditaryIt is a problem that was going to continue to advance, so the care would be more exhaustive and would require a second intervention.

Recovery at home was the most unpleasant part, precisely because of all the care required to have the results I was looking for, but in general it went very well for me.

I think a point has come where at 37 years old I have the stability I need to perform a procedure of this magnitude twice and have a shorter recovery time, my hair has not fallen out and the results I have obtained have done that every experience in this clinic is worthwhile.

Many of my loved ones have approached me to ask about my time at the DrEO clinic and I can tell you that it is not only a temporary step, the work required to have what you want is about two years or more and if not you choose correctly, it will become an ordeal.

That is why I chose this family, because they really make you part of it; You share experiences, anecdotes, they give you confidence and they are with you from start to finish solving your life while reaching your goal, which is to have new hair. I would not have a better recommendation than that.

Video Results of hair transplantation in entrances and crown

Follow-up video of hair transplantation in entrances and crown at 4 months

Now you know an experience about a hair transplant in the recesses and crown.

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