How do you wash your hair after the hair micrograft?

If you have done a little research about hair transplant, you have surely had the question: How do you wash your hair after hair transplant? Well, in this article we will help you to know more about this.

Video How do you wash your hair after the hair micrograft?.

We leave you the video in case you want a quick summary to know how to wash your hair after the hair graft.

Should I wash my hair after the Hair Transplant?

Generally after implant surgery it is recommended not to wash the implant area for about five days. After that time, it is possible to wash the area.

How should you wash your hair between day five and ten?

The proper way to do this is delicately, using a sponge and making slight movements from top to bottom, without friction. Direct stream showering should be avoided for the first 10 days after surgery.

How do you wash your hair after day ten?

After that time has elapsed, the implant area can be flushed normally.


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