Enrique Orozco

Passion for challenges

DrEO Clinic would not be the same without the surgeon Enrique Orozco, who, with the support of an important work team, is committed to making it the best place in Mexico for hair grafts and transplants.

An alopecia problem in his youth motivated him to choose his area of ​​expertise; which, to date, has prepared him to always think not only about the clinical issues of his clients, but also about the human side of the procedures.

«I know the limitations and insecurity that this entails, so I fully understand the feelings of my patients; therefore, I wanted to be able to help them to change their life as much as it changed me, "he says.

In fact, remember, the first procedure he underwent did not have favorable results.

At the head of the DrEO Clinic, Specialized in Hair Grafts, this doctor combines his interest in continuing to learn and in offering a comprehensive service.

«I realized that in Mexico, despite the fact that there were places to get one, we had not really developed this medical area. Therefore, I made the commitment to dedicate myself seriously to this and for the Country to become a benchmark for innovation worldwide, "he declares.

This cause has guided him to offer a quality service, supported by the best techniques and medical specialists.

“In a rapidly changing and highly competitive world, the reality is that we are increasingly required to project a 'perfect' image, where small changes can make big differences. Even though we are in times of pandemic, it is very important to continue to feel good about ourselves.

Thus, to date, he adds several success stories, among them, the host Faisy, the comedian Michelle Rodríguez and the actor Yurem Rojas.

«Each of our patients - it does not matter if they are a businessman, artist or politician - is always treated with the best service and all our attention, ensuring that their stay at the clinic is an unforgettable experience, so much so that most of them, after his transplant, they have become close friends, "he details.

«Today we are pushing for Mexico not only to be one of the leaders in hair transplant, but also to be a reference in innovation and quality worldwide ”.

Dr. Enrique Orozco

At the forefront

DrEO Clinic offers different types of medical treatments for baldness.

“We are currently the market leader because we have recruited an excellent medical, nursing and administrative team. Our goal is to create a strong industry in that regard and I still believe that we are just getting started.

Among Orozco's areas of expertise is everything related to hair implant. "There are two important concepts that we must understand: the extraction of the follicles from a donor area and implantation, which is the insertion of the grafts in the recipient area, that is, where you do not have or want hair."

At the DrEO Clinic they offer different techniques and the ideal one is chosen according to the characteristics, history and problems of the patient.

"They all have advantages and disadvantages, and using one over the other depends on many factors."

Among the alternatives is the DHI, acronym for Direct Hair Transplant, which allows you to do everything in the same step: extract and implant simultaneously, which improves the survival of the follicle.

«We use the Sapphire technique more in cases of scars or skin damaged by previous procedures; It consists of preparing the implant area with small incisions with a tip called Sapphire, so that these are 'cleaner' and cause less damage ”.

Additionally, they offer specialty products, platelet-rich plasma (for those with active hair loss), anti-androgens (for women with alopecia), multivitamins, and more.

On the other hand, in its offer there are hair and laser mesotherapy, options that do not regenerate the lost follicle, but do help to strengthen the hair that still remains.

“They are supportive treatments that help us speed up the transplant process or maintain hair. Hair mesotherapy helps to temporarily stop hair loss, it is characterized by using injections based on amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other synthetic compounds ", he explains.

"As for the laser, it consists of applying a special red light on both depopulated and weak areas, promoting blood flow that stimulates the follicle and accelerates hair growth."

Enrique Orozco: With the necessary preparation

You are ABHRS certified, what does it mean?

Worldwide, it is the only valid hair certification and one of the most difficult to obtain. For me it is a pride to have obtained it, it is the culmination of all the effort made. It is, without a doubt, one of my most important successes in recent years: being the second Mexican to obtain it and the youngest. It was a complete challenge, from the language to discrimination, but it was clear to me that with effort, dedication and perseverance, things are achieved.

Why do you work in Mexico?

Although I could be anywhere else, I love my country, and it makes me completely happy to be able to change the lives of the Mexicans who have chosen me, as well as many foreigners who have decided to travel to do their procedure with me.

What is the panorama of hair implants in Mexico?

This area has a lot of room for improvement, there is still a lot to do. There are different places and doctors with whom to perform it, however, considering the size of the country that we are and all that has been achieved in other medical specialties, there are few places where a quality hair transplant can be performed.

What is your contribution in this area?

It is always looking for continuous improvement and total quality, that the result of each of my patients is what speaks for us. And that my main contribution is to put the name of Mexico at the top.

Your podium for success

  1. Never give up on a challenge, always keep trying. When one way of doing something doesn't work, find another option to do it.
  2. Passion and perseverance no matter what happens, even if you feel like you are deep in the well, you never have to give up.
  3. A touch of madness and teamwork: it is important to form a group that is always ready to support.


For as long as he can remember, Enrique Orozco has liked to study and keep his mind active; thus, when he is not in the operating room, he prefers to read about a topic of interest or visit a museum.

“For me, studying is not an obligation, but a pleasure. I always look for a way to be learning, it is something indispensable. I like to understand what I do and what they tell me about; I have recently learned how to create web pages, about digital marketing and I am still in this gap to understand what to do and how to do it ”, he points out.

That eagerness to open his mind to new ideas also prompted him to study Industrial Engineering, Management, and Law.

“I believe that having several careers has helped me to be where I am, since it allows me to address the challenges that arise from different points of view, it is not the same to see a problem with the thinking of a doctor, a lawyer or a an engineer. I am fortunate to have a fusion of different perspectives ”, he assures.

In turn, he has managed to combine other of his passions to achieve success: doing business and promoting entrepreneurship.

“It's not about the money, what I like is to imagine a project in my mind and execute it; enjoy the steps that lead you to achieve the goal. Create something out of nothing and see how that idea becomes a reality, ”he says.

This is how great friends and strategic partners have been made, which is why today the DrEO group has different independent business units.

"We no longer just talk about hair, we currently have marketing, legal, human resources, accounting and training services," he states.

Your keys to a healthy life
1 Exercises like running, swimming, and meditation.
2 Being with family, spending quality time with his wife and son.
3 Follow a balanced diet.

«I am a very dedicated person, I am passionate about knowledge and, if it is within my possibilities to continue cultivating and improving myself, why not do it? ”.

Dr. Enrique Orozco