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Get the hair and beard you always wanted!

Come to know the most advanced hair implant technique on the market, our personalized treatments and the best prepared medical team in Latin America.
Because for us, you are the most important.

Specialist doctors

We have a highly trained medical team with international level certifications

The Best Techniques

We implement the best hair transplant techniques such as FUE, DHI and now with the new Sapphire technique

The Best Result

At DrEO Clinic we guarantee that you will obtain an extremely spectacular and above all natural result

Specialized Clinic

Go to a Free Assessment consultation and know the best Clinic for hair treatment

At DrEO Clinic we are committed to helping you regain your confidence and self-esteem!

For this reason we put at your fingertips all our tools and knowledge so that you achieve the dream of having the hair and beard that you have always dreamed of.
The results are guaranteed and we are concerned that they are exactly how you want them, for this reason we are the pioneers in Mexico of applying the best international techniques through an innovative team that cares for every detail of your treatment.


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It's time to get your hair back naturally!
Through the most advanced technique, carried out by the best specialists.


Get the beard and look you always wanted with our advanced grafting technique
The results will surprise you!

Eyebrow transplant

If you have little volume in the area of ​​the eyebrows, either by genetics, waxing or a tattoo. Now you can recover through this procedure.


There is nothing like a look highlighted by incredible eyelashes. If you want long and abundant eyelashes.
This is the solution!


Pioneers in one of the most current techniques, which will allow you to say goodbye to baldness forever, using body hair as a donor area.


Stop hair loss with one of the most used treatments today and get the necessary nutrients to nourish your hair and restore its vitality.


Improve the quality and quantity of your hair with this technique that will allow the stimulation of your scalp to reactivate its growth and stop the fall.


We have the best medical grade treatments, which will allow you to have the hair and beard you have always wanted.

DrEO Clinic Medical Team

The most highly trained medical team ready to deliver the best result in your treatment.
We seek that you live the best experience and regain lost confidence.

Dr. Enrique Orozco


General Director, Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplantation Certified by ABHRS

Dr. Rafael Estrada

Medical director

Associate Doctor Sr. Specialist in the treatment of hair diseases.

Dr. Rogelio Martínez

Medical Associate Mr.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Certified by AMCPER. Expert in surgical hair restoration

Dr. Gianna Mungo

Jr. Medical Associate

Otorhinolaryngologist surgeon, specialist in aesthetic and capillary surgical procedures.


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DrEO Clinic Testimonials

"I have never had such a connection with the team of doctors who end up feeling family, I was happy with my result"



"The best in Mexico, all the staff are very professional and friendly at all times with both the patient and the companions"

Michelle Rodriguez

Actress - Singer

"The best transplant clinic in Mexico without a doubt. Dr Orozco and his team are true artists, it has been the best experience"


Actor singer

"They are professional and very accessible, they solve all the doubts that one has. The costs are very good and the result is excellent"

David Peralta


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Certifications and Medical Societies

At DrEO Clinic we pride ourselves on having the most highly qualified medical staff to perform your Beard Implant procedure, we are certified by: ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) and WTS (World Trichology Society). We also belong to the following Societies: ISHRS Full Member (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), WTS Member (World Trichology Society), WFI Member (World FUE Institute) SILATC Member (IberoLatinoAmericana Society of Hair Transplantation)

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